Beijing Great Wall Overview

Beijing Great Wall National Park, officially established to preserve and manage one of China’s most iconic historical landmarks, focuses on a key section of the Great Wall in the vicinity of Beijing. While the entire Great Wall stretches over thousands of kilometers, the national park specifically aims to protect and highlight the sections most representative and significant to the Great Wall’s heritage and architecture, particularly those renowned stretches near the capital, such as Badaling, Mutianyu, and Jiankou.

The Great Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987, is not just a marvel of military architecture but also a symbol of China’s historical resilience and engineering ingenuity. The wall spans from China’s eastern coast to the Gobi Desert in the west, covering over 20,000 kilometers (about 12,427 miles) in its entirety, including all its branches. The sections within Beijing’s vicinity, which the national park focuses on, feature some of the most well-preserved and structurally fascinating parts of the wall, offering breathtaking views of rugged mountains and serene landscapes.

Beijing Great Wall National Park’s establishment is part of a broader effort to protect this ancient structure from the threats of erosion, vandalism, and unchecked tourism. By concentrating on these pivotal sections, the park aims to ensure the Great Wall’s sustainability, allowing for controlled access that encourages education and appreciation while minimizing environmental impact.

Visitors to the national park can explore various sections of the Great Wall, each offering a unique experience, from the heavily restored and tourist-friendly Badaling to the wild and rugged terrains of Jiankou. The park not only serves as a guardian of China’s monumental heritage but also as a testament to the country’s dedication to preserving its cultural identity and historical legacy for future generations to witness and admire.

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Beijing Great Wall National Park Pictures

Beijing Great Wall National Park Trails

Badaling Great Wall Trail

Rating: Easy to Moderate

Distance and Elevation Gain: 2.3 miles (3.7 km) round trip with about 500 feet (152 meters) elevation gain

Description: Badaling is the most visited section of the Great Wall, offering restored pathways and handrails. It’s easily accessible and provides panoramic views of the wall winding through the mountains.

This section is ideal for families and those looking for a manageable but scenic hike. Facilities and amenities are well-developed, making it a comfortable visit.

Mutianyu Great Wall Trail

Rating: Moderate

Distance and Elevation Gain: 1.5 miles (2.4 km) round trip with about 400 feet (122 meters) elevation gain

Description: Mutianyu offers a less crowded experience with well-preserved parts of the Wall and breathtaking views of the surrounding forests and orchards.

The hike includes a challenging ascent to the wall via stairs but rewards with less touristy paths and several watchtowers.

Cable cars and a toboggan ride down offer fun alternatives to or from the hike.

Jinshanling to Simatai Great Wall

Rating: Moderate to Difficult

Distance and Elevation Gain: 6 miles (10 km) one way with variable elevation gain

Description: This hike between Jinshanling and Simatai is renowned for its rugged beauty and relatively unrestored sections.

Hikers can explore numerous original watchtowers and enjoy spectacular views of the wall undulating across mountains.

The trail can be challenging due to uneven steps and steep sections, making it ideal for adventure seekers.

Jiankou Great Wall Trail

Rating: Difficult

Distance and Elevation Gain: Varies, but about 5 miles (8 km) for a typical hike with significant elevation gain

Description: Jiankou is known for its wild beauty and unrestored, rugged conditions. This section is recommended for experienced hikers seeking a challenging adventure.

The hike offers stunning photography opportunities, especially the famous “Arrow Nock” shape of the wall. The steep ascents and descents require good fitness and caution.

Huanghuacheng Great Wall Trail

Rating: Moderate

Distance and Elevation Gain: 3.7 miles (6 km) round trip with about 600 feet (183 meters) elevation gain

Description: This lakeside section of the Great Wall offers unique scenery where the wall meets water. The hike combines moderate climbs with moments of tranquility beside the reservoir.

Parts of the wall here are submerged, creating a picturesque setting. It’s an excellent choice for those looking to combine historical exploration with natural beauty.