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The National Parks Association is a not for profit organization committed to connecting the global community with efforts to globally promote, educate, and protect the world’s national parks and the natural resources they encompass.

You are invited to discover, explore, and learn more about the national parks around the world.  As you examine each of these amazing treasures, we are are confident you will develop a new appreciation for the world’s natural beauty and recognize the vital need to take efforts to protect it or lose it.

There are many different ways you can join in the efforts to advance the mission and efforts of the National Parks Association.

Mission & Vision

To promote and protect the natural resources found in the national parks around the world.

To engage the global community in protecting the world’s national parks.

We envision a world where the global community is globally engaged in protecting the national parks found around the world.

About Founder


Big Bend National Park served as his first national park encounter and he was hooked immediately to the awe, wonder, and diversity of nature.  He has explored national parks across every continent which only elevates his commitment to protecting these global treasures.

“Every national park experience is an encounter with the uniqueness and diversity of nature. I wish I had the time to experience every national park in the world.  It would be one of the greatest educational journeys ever.”

Dr. Phillip Imler
President & Founder

National Park Collaboration

If you represent one of the world’s national parks, we invite you to reach out to discover the benefits you receive with your free membership in the Association.

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Ministry of Tourism

As part of the Ministry of Tourism or a related government official, you are invited to connection with the Association.  Your participation and benefits are free and together we can advance our mutual missions.

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Celebrating the World's National Parks

If you are a traveler, photographer, or nature enthusiasts and you have insights, photographs, or resources to help elevate the education and significance of a national park, we invite you to reach out.  We would be honored to share your photograph or education with the world.

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