Los Alerces Overview

Los Alerces National Park, located in the Chubut Province of Argentine Patagonia, is an exquisite natural sanctuary celebrated for its ancient forests, crystal-clear lakes, and rugged mountain scenery. Established in 1937, the park spans an impressive area of approximately 2,630 square kilometers (about 1,015 square miles), designed to protect some of the world’s oldest and largest Alerce trees (Fitzroya cupressoides). These magnificent trees, some of which are over 2,600 years old, are among the oldest living beings on the planet, making the park a crucial conservation site for these ancient species.

Nestled within the Andes mountain range, Los Alerces National Park features a stunning array of natural landscapes, from the dense, rain-soaked Valdivian temperate rainforests to the serene beauty of glacial lakes such as Lake Futalaufquen, Lake Verde, and Lake Menéndez. The park’s intricate system of rivers and lakes is a paradise for freshwater activities, including kayaking, fishing, and boat tours, offering visitors unique ways to explore the park’s breathtaking vistas.

The park is not only a haven for its namesake Alerce trees but also hosts a diverse array of flora and fauna, including endemic species and a rich birdlife that appeals to nature enthusiasts and birdwatchers. The diverse ecosystems within the park provide habitats for a variety of wildlife, such as the endangered huemul deer, pumas, and Andean condors.

Los Alerces National Park offers an extensive network of hiking trails that meander through its ancient forests and along the shores of its pristine lakes, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility and natural beauty of the area. The park’s scenic beauty, combined with its ecological significance, led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2017, underscoring the global importance of its conservation efforts.

For those seeking to connect with nature and experience the untouched wilderness of Patagonia, Los Alerces National Park stands as a testament to the beauty and ecological diversity of the region, offering a serene and inspiring escape into nature.

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