Villarrica Overview

Villarrica National Park, located in the Araucanía and Los Ríos regions of southern Chile, is a stunning showcase of volcanic landscapes, ancient forests, and crystal-clear lakes. Established in 1940, the park spans an area of approximately 630 square kilometers (about 243 square miles), centered around the Villarrica Volcano—one of Chile’s most active volcanoes. This impressive natural landmark, which reaches an altitude of 2,847 meters (9,341 feet), is a dominant feature of the park’s landscape and a magnet for visitors from around the world.

The park’s diverse ecosystems are home to a variety of flora and fauna, including dense Araucaria (Monkey Puzzle) forests, a species considered a living fossil and a national symbol of Chile. These ancient trees, along with coigüe and lenga forests, create a habitat for numerous wildlife species such as the puma, the Andean fox, and a plethora of bird species, including the majestic Andean condor.

Villarrica National Park offers a range of outdoor activities, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Hiking trails wind through the park, leading visitors through scenic landscapes to viewpoints that offer breathtaking vistas of the volcano and surrounding areas. During the winter months, the slopes of Villarrica Volcano become a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding, providing unique opportunities for winter sports with a view of an active volcano.

In addition to the Villarrica Volcano, the park encompasses other volcanic features such as the Quetrupillán and Lanín volcanoes, as well as numerous lakes and lagoons, including the serene Lake Quillelhue. Thermal hot springs, a result of the region’s volcanic activity, offer visitors a chance to relax in natural thermal waters amid the stunning beauty of the park.

Villarrica National Park is not only a destination for recreation but also a vital area for conservation, research, and education on volcanic landscapes and ecosystems. Its combination of natural beauty, biodiversity, and geological significance makes it one of the highlights of Chile’s national park system.

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